Friday, July 23, 2010

Swiss luxury bar car

This luxurious rail car, along with one or two more dining cars, can be added to regular Swiss Railways trains.

This car has 24 seats; the dining cars, perfect for Pullman dining, accommodate up to 48 diners each. Thus a group of up to 120 passengers can travel in these luxurious surroundings, whilst benefitting from the clockwork efficiency of Swiss trains.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Group Travel in Private Rail Cars

Train Chartering's Private Rail Cars supplies private rail cars on many rail networks throughout the world but particularly in the UK, USA, Canada and much of Europe, such as France, Germany and Switzerland.

Train Chartering offers free consultancy to group organisers for travel in private carriages, covering all aspects of the proposed journey; from advice about the best rail route to the chosen venue or event location to the best way to manage the group on arrival at stations.

Typically, clients are the group organisers for corporate travel or individuals planning special events, but a wider range of group planners such as wedding planners, group leaders of association travel and other organisations and travel agents have used these services.

Group travel in private carriages is a cost-effective way to travel in a controlled environment for groups of between 10 and 160.

Many European rail routes cross national borders, which makes group travel in private train carriages a convenient way to tour Europe.  Train Chartering suggests hotels convenient for railway stations and provides baggage porters if required, as well as road transfers.

Private carriage or rail car travel has involved:
-          a private rail car across much of the USA to Seattle for an individual traveller who could not use aircraft, to connect with a sea cruise;
-          156 passengers from Deloitte in 2 carriages between London and Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands, delegates to a training conference in the Aviemore Highland Resort;
-          private carriages for 60 corporate passengers between Geneva Airport and Gstaad, going by rail, blue sky meetings being the aim.

Private carriages differ from country to country.  Here are some generalised categories:
-          1st or 2nd (or standard / coach) class open carriages for regular seating, generally on scheduled trains;
-          1st or 2nd class sleeper, with private or public bathrooms, normally on luxury or tourist trains;
-          Dining or restaurant car, with or without a kitchen, normally on luxury or tourist trains;
-          Exhibition car, open plan, also for ‘disco’, presentations and meetings, in the USA or Europe;
-          Sleeper / lounge car, with sleeping compartments or bedrooms and a lounge, sometimes in a dome, in the USA and Canada, and Australia;
-          Business car, comprising up to 5 bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, lounge and often a dome observation lounge or a rear viewing platform, in the USA and Canada, and Russia;
-          Club / lounge car, with bar and some catering facilities, in the USA and Canada, and certain other countries.

Train Chartering arranges quality catering served by uniformed stewards as required.  The type of menu provided depends on the route, the type of carriages and the available budget; bagged sandwich lunches and 4-course dinners may  illustrate the extent of choice.

Many carriages can be branded or themed to suit the event and client; imaginative personalisation can extend to the platform or beyond.
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Simon Pielow Trainvangelist for Quality Rail Travel The Best Way to Travel on Earth

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 'crystal bar' of the Overland Trail

I gave the quarter-circle bar on the Overland Trail the name 'crystal bar', given its appearance by night and the effect of the mirror.

It is easy to imagine the beguiling ambience in the rail car as it travels through the night.  Passengers will be enjoying the conviviality, comfortable to know that their bedrooms (with attached bathrooms) await them in the adjoining luxury sleeper / lounge car.

The Overland Trail is a 39-seat Club Lounge with (uniquely) a Barbershop and shower.  Barbershops were once a feature of the great trains of the USA.  It was built by the Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Company for the Southern Pacific Railroad in December 1949.

There are 16 seats at 4 tables as well as loose club chairs.  Original murals set the scene in this classic rail car.
More photos here

Simon Pielow Trainvangelist for Quality Rail Travel The Best Way to Travel on Earth

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pony Express, the Antique Bar

The antique bar on the Pony Express rail car is redolent of the wild west; appropriate as the rail roads were vital in the development of the USA.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dream machine - Bella Vista - now booking for October 2010

The Bella Vista, with dome, rear viewing platform, bedrooms, lounge and kitchen, is running on a private charter between Oakland (San Francisco) via Los Angeles to San Diego along the scenic US West Coast, October 2010.

Just 3 bedrooms available, for hire to individuals or a corporate client.

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