Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 'crystal bar' of the Overland Trail

I gave the quarter-circle bar on the Overland Trail the name 'crystal bar', given its appearance by night and the effect of the mirror.

It is easy to imagine the beguiling ambience in the rail car as it travels through the night.  Passengers will be enjoying the conviviality, comfortable to know that their bedrooms (with attached bathrooms) await them in the adjoining luxury sleeper / lounge car.

The Overland Trail is a 39-seat Club Lounge with (uniquely) a Barbershop and shower.  Barbershops were once a feature of the great trains of the USA.  It was built by the Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Company for the Southern Pacific Railroad in December 1949.

There are 16 seats at 4 tables as well as loose club chairs.  Original murals set the scene in this classic rail car.
More photos here

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